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Charlotte Alice Overton-Hart, or just Sharpie Al.

Notebook stitcher, collage maker and metaphor catcher. Caring for carers and friend of Gran. People are my favourite vintage. Amazing greys.


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This summer - After Many a Summer - I started making simple collages. And butterflies are my current favourite metaphor. True story.

Jerwood Gallery in Hastings plus a specials board outside an eaterie a few hundred metres away. There are some mighty interesting discourses of ageing going on here.

An illustration agency named after this man: Handsome Frank. Good call.

An illustration agency named after this man: Handsome Frank. Good call.

Ping Pong was my favourite film of 2012. No contest.

One of the photos from Katherine Rose’s Lunch is Served collection, which appears in The Guardian. The caption under this image reads:

Great Croft day centre for the elderly, London.

Prawn cocktail, roast turkey, cheese and crackers, Christmas pudding, mince pie, Irish coffee.

Abul Choudhury, centre manager: “Christmas lunch is our big party of the year. We are a day centre for vulnerable elderly people. Many of our 60 guests have nowhere to go over Christmas, and 89% of them have no access to hot food. That’s why a Christmas meal is so important. “The atmosphere is always very buzzy and lively. We’ll have a piano and a singalong, and enjoy a few drinks. A lot of them tell me afterwards that it’s the best party they’ve been to in years.”

I recently discovered the work of Peter Baynton at a workshop about Nutrition & Food Environments of Older Adults run by New Dynamics of Ageing. In addition to his fresh and non-patronising design for Hospital Foodie, a food and nutrition management system intended to be used in hospitals to help combat malnutrition, Peter has made some truly excellent animations about older people, of which Over The Hill is one. A powerful tale against institutional abuse, without exception I would recommend Over The Hill to everyone who works in health and social care. It’s the Belleville Rendez-Vous meets Panorama of the care sector. You’ll see what I mean.

What’s that you say, an older woman making music with household objects? Yup.

Very much looking forward to seeing Grandma Lo-Fi, which is being screened as part of Brighton’s very own CINECITY.

Watch the trailer. At least.

Beautiful, honest photo story by Alejandro Kirchuk about his grandfather Marcos, who cared for his grandmother Monica, in her final years with Alzheimer’s.

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